Blendtec Wildside HP3A Blender Review

Blendtec_Wildside_HP3A_BlackWhen it comes to Blenders, one of the best and most powerful options available today is the Blendtec Wildside HP3A Blender.

With 1560 watts of power, a large container designed with 5 sides for optimum blending and a touch pad with 25 pre-programmed settings, the Blendtec will meet all your blending needs!

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2. Technical Features
3. What is included?
4. Tips
5. Consumer Reviews
6. Is this for me?
7. Price / Where to buy


Main Features of the Blendtec Wildside

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The Blenctec Wildside Pitcher has 5 sides.

Blendtec came up with this new innovative design to improve blending – Having a fifth side allows the food to be drawn into the vortex easier, thus resulting in a smooth, creamy blend.

The pitcher is nice and large – 3 quarts.

Having a large pitcher reduces your work – you can easily blend enough for more than one person at a time.  One thing you may want to know is that the instructions tell you not to fill the pitcher more than half full. The reason for this is because when you blend, the volume increases. So….a word from experience – if you do fill the blender more than halfway full, it is best to hold the cover on rather than walk away from the blender, otherwise you may be cleaning green smoothie off of your kitchen ceiling. (Don’t ask me how I know…)

1560 Watts of power!

Blendtec blenders are some of the most powerful blenders on the market today.  If you want green smoothies that are truly smooth and blended to a creamy consistency, then the Blendtec is the perfect blender for you.

Technical Features of the Blendtec HP3A Blender

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*  Dimensions:  7 x 8 x 15 inches (easily fits on the counter underneath cabinets)
*  7 year warranty for home use
*  The wildside jar is 3 quarts (96 oz) and is made from BPA-Free plastic.
*  Wildside jar has 5 sides designed for better blending
*  The blade is 4 inches long.
*  The center spinning connecting shaft is metallic and not cheap plastic.
*  1560 watts, 13 Amps, Blade Speed up to 29,000 RPM
*  The touch pad gives you 6 pre-programmed settings with 25 settings in all.
*  There is a manual mode with 10 speeds.
*  Some of the automatic blending cycles are for:

      • ice cream
      • frozen yogurt
      • ice crushing
      • milkshakes
      • soups
      • syrups
      • fondues
      • sauces
      • dips
      • dressings
      • batters
      • whole juice
      • smoothies

These automatic cycles have variable speeds that change during the course of running in order to best blend your ingredients into a delicious smoothie. When the cycle is done, the blender will automatically shut off.


What comes with the Blendtec Blender?:

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When you buy a Blendtec, you get the base and container with cover. Depending on which option you choose (see below), you may get a second container. You also get an owners manual and recipe book.

The recipe book not just a tiny pamphlet – it is spiral bound book with beautiful pictures and lots of good recipes. There are recipes for

      • Appetizers (Dips, Jams, Salsas, Spreads)
      • Beverages (Cocktails, Coffee, Milkshakes, Milk Substitutes, Smoothies, Whole Juices)
      • Breakfast (Batters, Syrups
      • Breads (Bread Batters, Bread Dough)
      • Soups
      • Fondues
      • Sauces
      • Salad Dressings
      • Pureed Foods
      • Desserts (Cakes, Ice Cream, Pies, Puddings, Miscellaneous Desserts)



Tips on Using the Blendtec Wildside Blender:

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It is always fun to learn how other people use their blenders and what their favorite recipes are. Below are a just a few ideas from others:

To get my daily, “well rounded” fruit/vegetable intake, I cut up a few carrots, a few apples, and a big handful of spinach into the BlendTec (along with a half of a pint of cold water). Yum!

While it may not seem to be a big deal – follow the instructions because the order that you put ingredients into the blender makes a difference on how well things are blended.

Consumer Reviews Of The Blendtec HP3A Wildside:

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“My wife and I use this blender many times a day. We love it. It replaced…(read more here: Blendtec Wildside Blender Review)”

“I purchased this blender several months ago and I have no regrets. I am happy that I have finally found a blender that answers to my health needs. Each morning I…(read more here: Blendtec Wildside HP3A Review)”

“My husband and I started juicing and making smoothies several months ago. Once we realized that using our blender would stay a daily part of our routine, we figured it was time for an upgrade. We did ALOT of research, trying to decide between a Vitamix and a Blendtec. First, let me say that in my opinion, you could buy either brand and end up a with a great blender. There was nothing about the Vitamix that made us think it would be a bad choice; we did find things that we thought wouldn’t be the right fit for us. Here’s why we chose…(read more here: Blendtec HP3A Review)”

Amazon Rating: 4.5


Who is the Blendtec Wildside Blender best for?

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There are many very happy owners of the Blendtec Wildside.  Anyone who is looking to easily increase their daily intake of fruits and vegetables will be thrilled with how easy it is to do using the Blendtec Blender.  Anyone who wants to make green smoothies a part of their daily diet need to get a Blendtec – green smoothies are truly smooth and delicious when made with this blender.

If you want to improve your health or are looking to lose weight by making more smoothies and eating more raw fruits and vegetables, then the Blendtec Wildside is just what you need to make this fun and easy!

Current Prices For The Blendtec Wildside HP3A Blender:

I have found that Amazon offers great discounts and free shipping for these great blenders. They also have various options – black, white or red as well as the choice to buy a blender with just the wildside jar or both a wildside and a 4 side jar together.

Check out the various options here:

AmazonBlendtec WildSide HP3A Blender - 3 Qt (96 oz w/4" Blade) and 2 QT (64 oz) Containers - RED

Too Low to Display

used from: 474.99

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AmazonBlendtec WildSide HP3A Blender - 3 Qt (96 oz w/4" Blade) and 2 QT (64 oz) Containers - WHITE

Too Low to Display

used from: 497.00

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AmazonBlendtec Home HP3A Blender WildSide Red


used from: $399.99

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AmazonBlendtec WildSide HP3A Blender - 3 Qt (96 oz) Container & 4" Blade - BLACK


used from: $399.99

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AmazonBlendtec Home HP3A Blender WildSide White


used from: $345.00

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AmazonBlendtec Home HP3A Blender WildSide/FourSide Black


used from: $464.86

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Product prices and availability are accurate as of Apr 17 14:43:48 UTC but are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the merchant site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Features Overview:

Blendtec Wildside HP3A Features



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