Ninja Blender 1100 – Model NJ602 or Model BL700?

The Ninja Blender 1100 is a great blender — in fact, it is more than just a blender, it is also a food processor.

When I was looking for the Ninja Kitchen System 1100, I kept noticing 2 different models:  Model NJ602 and Model BL700.  What is the difference?

After speaking to a representative from the Ninja Company, I learned that there is very little difference between the 2 models.  Below I explain the difference.  For a complete review of the Ninja 1100 Kitchen System (the review fits either model), see my post on the Ninja 1100 Blender.

Ninja Blender 1100 – Model NJ602

Ninja-Kitchen-System-1100-Model-NJ602This model is from the Ninja 1100 Series.  The buttons/numbers are slightly smaller on this model than on the BL700.

Also, to get the suction cups on the base to stick to the surface you are working on – you need to push down.  To release the suction cups, you need to slide the base forward or somehow lift the suction cups loose.

You can check the current price of Model NJ602 here:

Ninja Blender 1100 Price

Ninja Blender 1100 – Model BL700

Ninja-Kitchen-System-1100-Model-BL700This model is from the Ninja 1200 Series.  These buttons/numbers are slightly larger.  It still has 1100 watts of power.

On this, there is a locking mechanism that pushes the suction cups down and then when you unlock it, the suction cups release.

You can check the current price of Model BL700 here:

Ninja Blender 1100 Price

Believe it or not, that is really the extent of the difference between these two models.  So whether you choose the NJ602 or the BL700 is up to you!  To learn more about the Ninja Kitchen System 1100, go here

Read What Ninja Blender 1100 owners say:

“…Overall, the Ninja does a great job. The blender is powerful enough to turn a full carafe of ice into fine snow. I take frozen fruit (peaches, mixed berries) add a little fruit juice, ice, Splenda and yogurt to make awesome fruit sorbet for dessert – it comes out the consistency of soft-serve ice cream. It also makes some of the best frozen margaritas ever – smooth and icy, but you can use less ice because it is so powerful. ….”  (read complete review here)


“…Bought the Ninja 1100 . I gave it 3 tries: smoothie, ice cream and iced drink – all are winners. I made a veggie smoothie drink with carrots, red lettuce, tomato and an apple for sweetness- used the 40 oz container with the 4 blade – came out very smooth. Next I blended 2 bananas, a peach, dash of vanilla and 1/2 Cup coconut milk; froze it in serving cups – no added sugar, but very sweet, and the consistency of a creamy sherbet- delicious. Lastly I blended brewed coffee….” (finish reading review here)


The Ninja Blender 1100 comes with the following:


What you’ll usually get the with the Ninja Kitchen System ( if it includes extras or perks you’ll have to check the description or with the seller)

  • 1 Large PitcherNinja Blender 1100
  • 1 Small Pitcher
  • 1 Large and 1 Small Very Sharp Blades
  • 1 Large and 1 Small Dough Paddles (not sharp)
  • 1 Small Dough Hook (also not sharp)
  • The set also includes Two (2) distinctive locking lids

 Check for current prices:

Ninja Kitchen System 1100 – Model NJ602

Ninja Blender 1100 Price



Ninja Kitchen System 1100 – Model BL700

Ninja Blender 1100 Price